We are passionate about healthcare excellence, and we seek partnerships with companies that share our passion and vision.


Pinta Partners is an equity firm that seeks to provide solutions that create lasting value for our investors and the healthcare establishments in which we invest.  

Pinta Partners harvests advances in medicine and technology to make an impact on the daily life of chronically-ill, elderly and disabled New York residents by bringing superior levels of clinical care within the comfort of their homes.  This holistic approach to healthcare delivery will achieve greater access, provide a higher quality of life and reduce costs.

Pinta Partners believes that the chronically-ill, elderly and disabled population deserve effective and high-quality healthcare that is possible with the holistic healthcare approach. It takes a "community" to care for this population. This "community" is a network that incorporates family and friend support systems, technology and comprehensive healthcare services in order to facilitate positive health outcomes.  

We believe that holistic healthcare is well within our reach.  We apply this belief in the realm of chronic disease management with partners that have the interest and ability to effectively develop, test and implement strategies that work to enhance healthcare conditions and the lives involved.

We maximize the value of our supportive and collaborative partnerships by working to revitalize services and companies in existence. We believe in transforming underdeveloped, early or middle stage healthcare resources by rebuilding institutions currently in place to support quality improvement initiatives, rather than developing entirely new businesses to replace those in operation.

This strategy nurtures the management experience and resources of our partner entities with transformative leadership and experience of Pinta Partners to enhance quality, growth and profitability.

Pinta Partners makes investments of up to $10 million in small- and mid-sized companies that share our vision of holistic healthcare. We identify unique opportunities within this specific market area where we have solid knowledge and broad operating experience. We select investments that fit specific specialty groups within our overall business concept.

Pinta Partners is particularly interested in investing in entities in the following segments:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Managed Care and Managed Long-term Care
  • Healthcare Technology
  • Telemedicine
  • Home Health and Skilled Nursing
  • Medical Devices
  • Medical Transportation